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Look Abroad: the only alternative to grow and overcome the economic crisis!

With the economic crisis that seems to never end, the internationalization is a viable alternative to the saturation of the domestic market and is a vital key to the continuity and development of one’s company.

A good market-entry can not be improvised, but it needs to be well structured with a strategy of medium – long term. For this reason it is essential to:

  • acquire information
  • plan a budget
  • check whether the products need to adapt to the tastes of individual communities
  • analyze the needs of potential new customers
  • study the characteristics of possible competitors

Export comes from Latin language and it means “carry something to somewhere else”, which we can consider as surpassing the fears from something new and discovering new horizonts. In this global challenge, Italian companies start with an advantage because they are the bearers of the most-loved knowledge in the world: the made in Italy. Italian quality is never questioned, it has an increasing demand and it attracts the attention of all.

What BRIDGEAST can do for you?cartina_europa

It is not easy to launch into this adventure. This calls for professionals who organize and manage every stage creating, first of all, relations with counterparts and local institutions. BRIDGEAST will take care of every aspect of the process: from the analysis of the market and product or services, to legal and tax advices, from finding buyers to the selection of qualified personnel and more. (To learn more, go to SERVICES).


Traditional markets and those who in recent years have supported the demand now beginning to accuse the weight of the slowdown in demand. China itself is showing signs of worrying inversion, involving the entire world, it leads to a stagnation in consumption and falling prices of raw materials. So the best option is to look at those few countries that in recent years have led a steady and continuous development, without amazing numbers but with strong economical basis. This is a sign of a clear positive trend that can not be finished suddenly because it does not derive from the zero, but capitalizes the results year after year. In these zones the middle and high class are growing more and more. There is a desire of the made in Italy and the market, offering plenty of space, expects that the vast demand is answered with an always growing offer.

East Europe can be the answer to these needs.

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